Jabra Jabra Evolve2 30 USB-C MS Stereo

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Engineered to keep you productive. Lightweight, portable, reliable, comfortable. Its time to get ahead with the new standard of professionalism. From open office to open-plan living, Evolve2 30 opens doors to enhanced comfort, seamless collaboration, and instant concentration anywhere, whoever you are, and however you work. Clear, collaborative calls. When youre working flexibly, you need to know you can be heard clearly wherever you are. Our advanced 2-microphone audio system captures your voice while simultaneously analyzing and reducing the noise around you, meeting Microsoft Open Office requirements. The perfect way to get your point across and ensure even the smallest nuance isnt lost in translation. Easy listening. When time is of the essence, great quality audio is essential. With our professional-grade 28mm speakers and an advanced digital chipset, the Evolve2 30 delivers exceptional audio quality. So, whether youre taking an important call or listening to music while you work, you can enjoy great sound thats engineered for modern working. UC-certified means UC-satisfied. Satisfaction guaranteed isnt something you hear very often these days, but were bringing it back; Evolve2 30 works with all leading Unified Communications (UC) platforms, for truly seamless collaboration. If your UC platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, the Teams-certified variant is perfectly adapted and optimized to give you the best experience with the platform. Heavy on comfort. Light on the ears. To get ahead, we measured heads. Hundreds of them. Then we used that data to design the perfect shape using biometric measurements. The result is a headset thats been ergonomically designed to exert just the right amount of evenly distributed pressure, and built with premium materials, with soft memory foam ear cushions that mold to your ears natural contours. When youre in and out of calls all day, you need to know that your headset wont weigh you down. In fact, research suggests a well-fitting headset can significantly enhance your workday, extending your wearing time and improving your experience on calls and when listening to music. Flexibility you can depend on. From the office, to your home, and even in your local coffee shop when you work flexibly, your headset gets around almost as much as you do. Weve re-engineered the design of the Evolve2 30 with a stainless-steel headband and slider for maximum durability. Weve also significantly enhanced the design of the earcups, so internal and external components are more resistant to impact.
Pass band (min)20
Pass band (max)20000
Cable length1.5
Accessories includedHeadset Felt pouch Warranty and Warnings
Other featuresWorking temperature From -10 ° C to + 55 ° C Storage temperature From -5 ° C to + 55 ° C Stereo Dimensions 178.7 x 136.2 x 54.3 mm / 7.03 x 5.4 x 2.1
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