LOGITECH G PRO X SUPERLIGHT juhtmevaba Gaming Hiir - magenta - 2.4GHZ

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Remove all obstacles in the way of winning with our lightest and fastest PRO mouse ever. The new weapon of choice for the world’s top esports professional athletes, it weighs less than 63 grams and delivers near frictionless glide. PRO X SUPERLIGHT continues our design philosophy of ZERØ OPPOSITION—our commitment to remove all obstacles to create the purest possible connection between the player and the game. GPROs logiG logmo

Device locationExternal
ühenduvus tehnoloogia100dpi25600dpi
Hiir featuresTeflon Feetsisseehitatud memoryARM 32-bit protsessorsisseehitatud Transceiver Storage
Max. Movement Speed1000 Hz
Aku average kestvus70 hr
Tootjagarantii2 aastat
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