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Wireless Desktop MK710With the concave keys, padded palmrest and mouse with hyper-fast scrolling at the same time this system improves comfort and increases productivity.One battery for three yearsUp to three years of battery life - for both the keyboard and mouse - allows you to forget about the problems, expenses and waste resulting from frequent battery replacement.Logitech Incurve keysConcave keys with softly rounded edges enforce correct positioning of the fingers and toes make it easier to move between the keys, which provides a comfortable work many hours.Slim design and more key travelRarely seen in the low-profile keyboards and laptop keyboards more key travel improves the overall comfort of writing.Padded wrist supportRelax your hands - padded palm rest is a lot more comfortable than hard plastic.Sculpted mouseThis allows a comfortable and natural position your hands and fingers.Hyper-fast scrollingJust a slight spin with minimal friction coefficient, to speed through long documents and Web pages.Dashboard LCDIcons indicate the battery status and the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock, so you do not fall out of rhythm in the writing.Logitech UnifyingMini receiver can be permanently connected to the laptop. In addition to it you can easily add other compatible mouse or keyboard - without having to connect multiple USB receivers.Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless LogitechWork and play wherever you want. Encrypted wireless technology ensures secure, reliable connection virtually eliminates delays and disruption.ATTENTION:Setup of keys can be slightly different from shown in the picture.
No. of buttons3
No. of scroll wheels1
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