SilentiumPC CPU cooler - Spartan 3 PRO HE1024

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Spartan 3 PRO HE1024 is a compact cooling titanium for quiet operation with up to 150W TDP CPU. The high working culture ensures optimum heat sink design and the dedicated Sigma Pro 100 PWM fan.SilentiumPC Spartan PRO HE1024 has extensive compatibility (including LGA 1150, 1151 and AMD FM2 + and AM3 +) and is housed in virtually all midi tower enclosures.The heatsink is made in HE (High Efficiency) technology, where each of the four heatpipe tubes directly touches the processor, which improves heat transfer and provides lower temperatures. The set includes a high quality SilentiumPC Pactum PT-1 paste.The Sigma Pro 100 PWM is an oversize fan that uses mounting brackets typical of 92mm fans and has blades like 100mm fans. This solution allows, at the same speed, to pump up about 10 CFM more air than a standard 92mm fan. Automatic PWM rotation control allows you to enjoy exceptionally quiet operation when your computer is at rest and high performance when heavily loaded. Included with the straps are the attachments for attaching an extra fan.Installation is very intuitive and the pictorial instructions included in the box or video guides available on youtube service allow less advanced users to go through the installation process without problems.
Fan speed (max)2000
Fan speed (min)800
Air flow rates55.7
Number of fans1
Number of heatpipe tubes4
Dimensions110 x 82,5 x 135 mm
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