IN WIN Case|IN WIN|MiniTower|MicroATX|Colour Black|DS.EN022.UHA.B

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tellitav50+ tk1-4 tp

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Features: TAC 2.0 Thermal Solution -Front, side and rear vents improve overall thermal efficiency. Extra Vent at Rear Panel -Optional rear 9cm or 8cm cooling fan for better system cooling. Easy Removal and Installation -Optional tool-free designs for ODD/FDD, side panel & expansion slots. Safety-Compliant with RoHS, CE and FCC/ B Regulations and Safety Standards. Great Expandability - External 5.25" x 2, 3.5"x 1, Internal 3.5" x 2. Stamped Motherboard Support - Easy M/B installation. No M/B standoff required. Folded Edge - No sharp edges for safe installation.

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Brutokaal3.45 kg
Netokaal2.83 kg
Saadetise kogus pakendis1
Kogus pakendis1
Usb 2.02
ümbrise tüüpMiniTorn
3.5" internal2
5.25" external2
3.5" external1
Pakendi maht0.03552 cubm
Mõõtmed350 x 168 x 360 mm
Saadetise pakendi laius20.5 cm
Saadetise pakendi sügavus38.5 cm
Saadetise pakendi kõrgus45 cm
Saadetise pakendi kaal3.45 kg
Tootjagarantii2 aastat
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