Logic Concept arvutikorpus MINI ATX LOGIC M4 USB 3.0 without toiteplokk

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Logic Concept company introduces ; its latest model of ; min- tower type ; computer case – model Logic M4. ; Logic M4 was designed for those people who are looking for best quality in a classic and timeless design. Logic M4 has a simple and universal design, combined with high quality and functionality. All ports and sockets are located in an easily accessible for users ; place – in the middle part of the front panel. ; Of particular note is the USB 3.0 type port, which provides very fast of data transmission and lets user to quickly charge mobile devices, such us: smartphones or tablets. Inside the Logic M4 pc case user are also places for three cooling fans.
No. of drive bays4
DimensionsWidth:170 mm- Depth:370 mm- Height:360 mm
Other featuresAdditional place for fan:Front ; wall (80/120mm) - Back wall (80 mm)- Side ; wall (120mm)
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