Whitenergy adapter ATX 350W

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Fan with a large diameter (8 cm) ensures perfect cooling of the power supply and prevents excessive overheating of the equipment. Additional plug PCI express allows individual plugging of the graphics card. Suitable for many models of motherboards, including the older versions. 
Molex power connectors5
Sata power connectors2
Number of power supply connector 4-pin 12v1
Number of power supply connector 4+4-pin 12v1
Pci-e 6-pin power connectors1
Dimensions14 x 8,5 x 15 cm
Other features: Power cord length: 40 [cm] 4pin EPS 4Pin (CPU) cable lenght: 40 [cm] Frequency of alternating current: 50-60 [Hz] Cable length 6PIN PCI6 6Pin (VGA): 40 [cm] Molex cable length: 40/60 [cm] The length of the SATA power cable: 40 [cm] Silver color DC output channel voltage: 12.12, -12.3 ,.3.3, + 5VSB [V] AC input current: 0.7-1.53 [A] ATX standard 2.2 Estimated intensity of the DC output channel: 10, 14, 0.5, 22, 20, 2 [A] AC input: 180-260 [V] Weight: 1.35 [kg]
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