BEKO Cooker FSE62120DW 60 cm, Gaz/Electric, valge color/must glass

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Cooker FSE62120DW 60 cm, Gaz/Electric, White color/black glass

TehnoloogiaNumber ja type of hotplates 4 gasFront left 2.9 kWRear left 2 kWFront right 1 kWRear right 2 kWOven type:Fan Assisted CookingBaking features 6Useful capacity:66 lConvectionType of grill:Electric GrillLighting:Round light (rear)
DesignfeaturesTimer:mehaaniline Minute Minder - koos Cut-offNumber of door glass layers:3Steam cleaningGlass top cover
PowerEnergy class AEnergy consumption in normal production 0.91 (0.88 koos convection)
Paki sisuStandard baking trayGrilling grill
Laius600 mm
Sügavus600 mm
Kõrgus850 mm
Kaal39.480 kg
Grosskaal47.000 kg
Tootjagarantii2 aastat
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