mod/smart Fan Power Connector 2Pin socket - white

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mod/smart Fan Power Connector 2Pin socket - white
Modding, sleeving, generally improving the appearance of the systemThese hobbies find more and more followers! To truly complete a modding project it is a must to also replace the dull original plugs which are usually white or black . Mod/smart now offers a whole series of connectors to allow modifications even down to the very last details. This connector is white. With the use of this connector the inside of your case can truly be completed to be a masterpiece of modding. This connector type is usually used to connect LEDs, internal USB expension, power- and reset buttons and much more. Technical specifications:Colour:White Material:Plastic Extent of delivery:1x Fan power connector 2Pin socket - white Please note:If you have no more metal pins for this plug we recommend Art.No 82237 for sockets
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