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SAFE HOME WITH LANBERG The modern flood sensor SR-1004 from Lanberg is a device that increases the feeling of security and minimizes the negative effects of flooding, which will be useful in any household. Nowadays, every home has such devices as a washing machine or dishwasher. They increase the risk of unwanted leaks or flooding of rooms. Detector Lanberg allows for rapid reaction to these accidents. LONG-TERM AND FULL PROTECTION The SR-1004 detector uses a very sensitive sensor with unlimited time of action, if its used according to its purpose. The sensor uses water conductivity as a source of alarm. Battery powered (9V battery) provides operation independent of the stability of the electrical network. Operation in the temperature range from + 1 to + 60 degrees ensures the correct work of the detector even in places with a higher temperature (close distance from the washing machine, dishwasher or boiler) SIMPLE SERVICE AND OPERATION Lanberg SR-1004 is very easy to use. Its enough to install the battery and perform a simple functional test (contact of all 3 sensors of the detector with the water for 4-8 seconds). The detector operates very simply at the time of detection of more than the permissible humidity (water flooding) emits a loud alarm (85 dB), so that the user can quickly respond to the situation and minimize the consequences of flooding.
Dimensions82 x 33 mm
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