Samsung nutitelefon GALAXY S10e kahe SIM kaardiga 128GB Prism must

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Phone that stands out in everythingCompletely new design. Laser-cut, practically frameless screen with a built-in fingerprint reader and AMOLED technology, which ensures full comfort even on a sunny day. All this makes the Infinity-O display the most innovative of all Galaxy displays, and watching your favorite movies and viewing photos is as comfortable as ever. With a new generation camera you do not have to be a professional See a wider perspective. With an ultra-wide-angle lens with a field of view up to 123 degrees, you'll take photos that will delight others. Great photos with a smart camera. The Galaxy camera can help you take unbelievable photos. Sam will suggest the composition and automatically adjust the settings to a particular shot. Sufficient performance for those who do not have timeShare energy! The PowerShare wireless technology allows you to share energy from your battery with other devices. And the wireless fast 2.0 charging function makes your phone ready for work much faster.Use the internet without hindrance. By using smart Wi-Fi, you will achieve even higher data rates. In addition, thanks to Wi-Fi, it is not only faster but also safer, even in crowded public networks at airports or in hotels. Every time you are out of the Wi-Fi range, the phone will automatically switch you to LTE mode, which provides speeds up to 2.0 Gbps.While designing the Galaxy S10e, we were simultaneously working on the selection of perfect hardware components and software to make every game run smoothly.Mobile phone that will fit in with you - not youWe are constantly working to always be one step further than others. Smartphones from the Galaxy S10 series adapt to your use of the phone. Frequently used applications will remain open. However, to optimize battery consumption, based on your daily activities, the phone will close the ones that you do not need at the moment.The Mobile phone that will take you - Assistant BixbyDo you need quick access to e-mails and calendars without having to unlock the screen? In the office, you mute the phone and switch to Wi-Fi? Galaxy S10e will recognize your habits and automatically change settings to make your day easier. You can also program your own settings.
ModelGalaxy S10e
Other display parametersDynamic AMOLED 16M
Cpu frequency2.7
Cpu - other informationSamsung Exynos9 9820 4 x 2,7 GHz + 4 x 1,7 GHz
Internal memory128
Battery capacity3100
Front camera10
Rear camera12
Second rear camera16
Detailed camera specificationsSelfie camera Camera with a wide-angle lens Camera with ultra-wide angle lens
Other featuresSensors:Accelerometer Proximity Lights Magnetometer Gyroscope Barometer Gravitational Halle effect
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