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Indoor desktop omni-directional antenna TL-ANT2408CL operates in the 2.4-2.5 GHz band and provides 8dBi omni-directional operation, which largely extends the wireless range and delivers much better wireless performance. The antenna offers the RP-SMA Male(Plug) connector guaranteeing wider compatibility with most of the wireless equipments. Replacing your wifi antenna with TL-ANT2408CL will significantly increase the range and strength of your wifi signal. This quality built omni-directional antenna is a direct replacement for the antenna that comes standard with your router, access point. Because it is omni-directional, no aiming is equired - it can send and receive wifi in all directions. Very easy to install, no software required 8dBi Omni-directional operation boosts your signal to a higher range RP-SMA Male connector, works with device with RP-SMA Female connector

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Brutokaal0.096 kg
Netokaal0.04 kg
Saadetise kogus pakendis100
Võrguseadme tüüpantenn
Antenna typeringsuunaline
Pakendi maht0.0009212 cubm
Traadita internet (wifi) sagedus range2.4GHz
Saadetise pakendi laius47 cm
Saadetise pakendi sügavus49 cm
Saadetise pakendi kõrgus40 cm
Saadetise pakendi kaal9.6 kg
Tootjagarantii3 aastat
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