Baseus Cafule 1м Черный/Золотой Нейлоновый Плетеный USB-Lightning Кабель

Код товара:
  • Длина: 1 m
  • Разъем: Lightning; USB-A
6.90 €

High Quality

The USB Lightning cable allows for a 2.4 A charge, 480 Mbps data transfer, and is also made of robust nylon, resistant to mechanical damage and breakage. 

Fast transfer

With data transmission at 480 Mbps, it allows you to transfer files, i.e. photos, films and documents in an extremely short time! Upload photos and videos from your phone to your computer and backwards at a fast speed.


The cable is made of flexible and durable nylon and the plug is finished with an aluminium housing. Due to this fact, it is resistant to tears and mechanical damage, most often occurring in cables of this type. It passed the test positively, keeping 50 kg without any damage.

NameCafule Cable USB
Product codeCALKLF-BV1
MaterialAluminium + TPE + Nylon
ConnetorUSB to Lightning
Length1 m
Transmission rate480 Mbps

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