Baseus Ingenuity Адаптер USB-A на USB-C 10Gbps OTG, Синий

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Baseus Ingenuity USB-A to USB-C adapter

The small USB-A (USB 3.1) to USB-C adapter by Baseus is compatible with a wide variety of devices and allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 10Gbps. It also allows fast PD charging (using the appropriate cable, which must be purchased separately). The device is extremely durable, yet compact - you can always have it on hand.

Wide compatibility

Say goodbye to limitations. The Ingenuity adapter is compatible with most popular devices. The USB-A connector, for example, fits perfectly with computers, wall and car chargers, USB hubs and powerbanks. The USB-C port allows you to connect a fast charging cable or a hard drive enclosure, among other things.

Fast charging capability

Your charger is equipped with a USB-A port and you need a USB-C port? Baseus brand adapter will let you solve this problem! With its help you can easily connect to your charger, for example, a USB-C cable for fast charging and charge compatible devices in no time.

Instant file transfer

Do you often transfer files between devices? You no longer have to wait endlessly for all the photos or documents you need to get to their destination. The improved USB 3.1 interface is up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0. That means you can now transfer files at speeds of up to 10Gbps!

Optimal solutions

Opt for top quality. The adapter features a robust aluminum alloy shell that is resistant to damage, wear and oxidation. It is also distinguished by fast, efficient heat dissipation. What is more, the device has a built-in advanced chip that is responsible for its smooth operation and fast, stable transfer.

Lightweight and compact

The adapter is extremely lightweight, compact and portable. It weighs only 5.9g and its dimensions are 14x22x8mm. You can always have it at hand - you can easily fit it in your backpack, handbag, pocket or even wallet. Take it to work or on vacation and use its functionality wherever you want!

MaterialAluminum alloy
Transmission speedUp to 10Gbps

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