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Next level racing Freestanding Keyboard and Mouse stand

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  • Värvus: Красный; Черный
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Freestanding Keyboard and Mouse stand

Find the right place to place your extras with the Next Level Racing Free Standing Keyboard and Mouse Stand Compatible with all racing cockpits and wheel stands, it is the perfect addition to your simulation experience.

Built to last
With the same manufacturing steps taken as other Next Level Racing products, the Free Stand Keyboard and Mouse stand ensures the best quality. Complimented with the keyboard and mouse pads, it is set to complete the users simulation area.

The Next Level Racing Free Standing Keyboard and Mouse Stand is free standing so, it can be positioned to your preference, while also making it compatible with any wheel stand or cockpit. The option of mobility is possible by adding the Next Level Racing Lockable Caster Wheels.

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VärvusКрасный; Черный
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