Tp-link Access Point EAP650-Outdoor AX3000

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EAP650-Outdoor Wireless Outdoor Access Point, AX3000 standard


  • Outstanding WiFi speed 6: Simultaneous dual-band support offers speeds of up to 3Gbps.
  • High connection performance: Guarantee higher network performance and lower latency thanks to OFDMA and MU-MIMO
  • 160 MHz channel width: Double the amount of peak data transmission on a single stream with HE160.
  • Long range: Dedicated high-power amplifier and professional antennas inside an IP67-rated sealed housing.
  • Omada Mesh: The ability for access points to interconnect wirelessly to maintain long network coverage and freedom of location.
  • Seamless roaming: Video transmissions and ongoing voice calls are not interrupted when users change locations.
  • PoE power support: : Selecting a location for the device and installing it are easy thanks to support for PoE+ (802.3at standard) and Passive PoE power (adapter included).
  • Centralised management in the cloud: Integration with Omada SDN allows the entire network to be managed locally and remotely via a Web interface or the Omada app.


AX3000 WiFi 6

2402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band + 574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band.

160 MHz channel

Double the amount of peak data transmission on a single stream with the HE160.

High security WiFi 6

WAP3 encryption, Portal login (SMS, Facebook Wi-Fi, Voucher) and 802.1x authentication.

Long range

Smart, professional antennas and dedicated high-power amplifier.

Omada Mesh technology

Convenient and flexible wireless network distribution.

PoE power supply

Supports 802.3at PoE+ and Passive PoE power (adapter included).

Smooth Roaming

Uninterrupted streaming while moving between access points.

IP67 rated

Resistant to lightning, dust ingress, shock, vibration and moisture.

Centralised management in the Cloud

Manage your network locally and remotely via the Cloud.

Long range

High-powered professional antennas and amplifiers enable Wi-Fi 6 technology to provide large and strong wireless coverage in a wide variety of outdoor environments.

Full Wi-Fi 6 potential with smart antennas

TP-Link's Intelligent Antennas technology enables you to reduce interference, increase range and achieve higher performance. The EAP650-Outdoor is equipped with vertically polarised antennas and horizontally polarised antennas, and intelligent algorithms automatically select the optimal antennas to ensure peak Wi-Fi performance in indoor applications.

Easy installation with Omada Mesh and PoE power supply

Fewer cables

Thanks to Mesh technology, EAP access points enable fewer wires by wirelessly extending the Wi-Fi signal, thereby facilitating access to hard-to-wire locations.

PoE+ power supply from the switch

Connecting to a PoE+ 802.3at switch via a single cable ensures data exchange and power supply.

Passive PoE power supply

The passive PoE adapter provides data exchange and power over a single cable. It is the ideal solution for home use.

Smooth switching with Fast Roaming

Provides users with uninterrupted streaming when they move around by switching their devices automatically to access points with optimal signal.

IP67 weatherproof enclosure designed for outdoor use

The EAP650-Outdoor is resistant to dust ingress, shock, shock, moisture and can withstand operation in extreme conditions.

Seamless integration with the Omada SDN platform

The Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices such as Access Points, switches and routers to provide 100% centralised cloud-based management and a highly scalable network managed from a single interface.

Easy management with the Omada app

Only a few minutes are required to configure the device using the free Omada app. All you need to do is follow the on-screen commands. Omada allows you to change settings, monitor network status and manage clients, all from your smartphone or tablet.

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