Geh Antec Gamer Dark Fleet DF600 FLUX Midi Tower schwarz retail

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103.50 €
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Описание товара

The Ultimate Thermal Performance for Gaming Cases

The DF600 FLUX mid-tower gaming case is well equipped with an industry-leading design of advanced ventilation, taking the Antec Dark league to the next generation.

The F-LUX Platform is a new industry-leading and highly efficient design by Antec featuring an advanced case structure for excellent airflow and 5 x 120 mm fans included. A core element of the design ethos was to enhance GPU cooling performance.

Технические характеристики

Физические данные

РАЗМЕРЫ:467 x 220 x 486 mm
МАССА:7380 g


USB 3.0:2x USB 3.0
PCI Pesasid kuni:7

Лотки для дисков

2,5 дюйма3
2,5 дюйма/3,5 дюйма3

Поддержка фанатов:

СОВМЕСТИМОСТЬ ВЕНТИЛЯТОРОВ3 x 120 mm ARGB fans in front 1 x 120 mm fan (Reverse Fan) on PSU shroud & 1 x 120 mm fan in rear
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4 шт.
Заказ в представительство 5-11 рабочих дней.

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