MSI PC case Mag Forge 110R ARGB fan, acrylic window, 2xUSB

Код товара: MAGFORGE110R
  • CPU<: 160 mm
  • GPU<: 330 mm
  • Цвет: Чёрный
  • Тип корпуса: ATX
48.95 €

Mag Forge 110R

Take the battlefield

The MAG Series hardware, computers and components were born out of rigorous quality testing and are designed to stand for strength and durability. Our designers have focused on making the hardware as user-friendly as possible, so the MAG series products feature a simple installation process that, combined with a user-friendly interface, makes them the best choice for first-time gamers.


Create your own ARGB battle station with the MAG FORGE 110 series chassis, which is fully compatible with MSI Mystic Light technology.


The MAG FORGE 110 series cases are optimised for, large and efficient airflow to cool the system. The MAG FORGE 110 series allows up to 6 fans to be installed.


There is a magnetically-mounted filter on the top vents to prevent dust from getting inside the case, while also being easy to remove for cleaning.


The acrylic side panel is ideal for presenting RGB lighting effects and allows you to admire the inside of the computer and its components. The well-thought-out design of the MAG FORGE 110R housing allows users to very easily install and remove the side panel made of tempered glass. Simply place the side panel in the appropriate slot in the base of the case before installing it.

Физические данные

РазмерыDimensions without legs and screws: 376 x 210 x 464 mm Dimensions with feet and screws: 409 x 214 x 485 mm
Размер корпусаATX; Micro ATX; Mini ITX; Midi Tower
Длина графического процессора до330 mm
Высота процессорного кулера до160 mm
Блок питания поддерживается20 cm
Высота485 mm
Ширина214 mm
Глубина409 mm

Возможности подключения

Панель ввода/вывода1x microphone; 1 x headphones; 2 x USB 3.0
Порт для наушниковKõrvaklapipistik

Лотки для дисков

2,5"3x 2.5" pesa
3,5 "2

Поддержка вентиляторов

Установленные сзади1x 120 mm
Установка сверху возможна2
Установка снизу возможна2; 1; 120
Установка спереди возможна140; 3; 120
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30 шт.
Заказать в представительство 4-8 рабочих дней.
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