SAMSUNG PM9A3 PCIe4.0x4 M.2 1.92TB

Код товара:
  • Объем: 1.92 TB
  • Скорость считывания: 4500 MBps
  • Скорость записи: 1750 MBps
  • Связь: M.2 NVMe
264.40 €
7.71 € / месячная плата от
Samsung PM9A3 – The Power Behind High Performing Data Centers Samsung is now unleashing next generation data center performance with its PM9A3 NVMe PCIe SSD. A specialist data center product, this cutting-edge solution offers up to 190,000 IOPS random write time and 6950 MB/S sequential read, as well as up to 50% faster restart times compared to its predecessor. It’s also available in a range of form factors, including M.2, U.2 and E1.S. Providing significant improvements for those needing high end storage, there’s plenty to attract growing data centers that want to create value.

Технические характеристики

1.92 TB
Скорость считывания
4500 MBps
Скорость записи
1750 MBps
СвязьM.2 NVMe
Размер жесткого диска (Form factor) M.2
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