Tracer Speaker 2.1 Hi- Cube RGB Bluetooth

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Speaker 2.1 Hi- Cube RGB Bluetooth

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sound quality offered by the Tracer Hi-Cube set and rediscover the unique sound of your favorite songs. Tracer Hi-Cube is a multimedia set operating in a 2.1 system a perfect fit for users looking for high-quality and intensity of sound. A unique, gaming design and flawless sound from a subwoofer and two satellites makes this set a must-have for every music lover. Tracer 2.1 Hi-Cube speakers are part of the popular Gamezone product line addressed to gamers who appreciate the combination of high-quality design and advanced functions of gaming devices.

  • Satellites and the subwoofer made of high-quality material.
  • RGB backlight.
  • Clear, flawless sound.
  • Bluetooth

RGB rainbow-colored backlight
Express your style and complement your interior thanks to the unique illumination of the Tracer Hi-Cube set. Enchanting, rainbow-colored RGB LED backlight makes your speakers not only a perfect gaming gadget, but also an impressive decoration that will add a touch of style to your interior. The RGB rainbow-colored backlight of Tracer Hi-Cube speakers, combined with your favorite music, will create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Enjoy flawless sound
Tracer Hi-Cube speakers total power is 20 W. Thanks to the use of high-quality transducers, we guarantee clear, flawless sound and perfect reproduction of bass and treble. The Tracer Hi-Cube set ensures flawless sound and deep, intense bass. High quality housing allows for a clearer sound and better reduction of distortions. The subwoofer, responsible for generating a strong, clear bass sound, will do great when mirroring sounds of explosions or gunshots during gaming sessions. It is additionally equipped with bass controls that will allow you to adjust the sound to each genre of music.

High-quality housing, bluetooth
The Tracer Hi-Cube set frames were designed so as to enhance their effectiveness and increase the volume, maintaining the modern, gaming design at the same time. A heavy-duty housing made of high-quality material will ensure durability for many years. Enjoy all the small sounds in your favorite songs. Moreover, the set design is compact it will fit perfectly in bigger and smaller rooms. Bluetooth control included in the set improves the comfort of use, allowing to adjust the speaker sound without leaving the couch.

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