AOC 24B1H 23.6inch Led Monitor

Код товара:
  • Разрешение: 1920 x 1080
  • Диагональ: 24.016 "
  • Тип экрана: VA
  • Частота экрана: 60 Hz
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Elegant design and wide viewing angle
Thanks to the VA matrix, the 24B1H offers a stunning static contrast ratio of 3000: 1 with deep and black ink. Its slim 23.6 "matrix with a resolution of 1080p is devoid of frames on 3 sides and has a very slim profile with a thickness of only 12.5 mm, which allows you to focus on the screen from virtually any angle (178/178).

Frameless construction
In addition to a modern and attractive design, frameless structures allow you to connect multiple monitors without interruption in the displayed area. The cursor / windows will no longer be lost in the dark depths of the frames when many screens are positioned side by side.

Slim design
The slim design has many pluses: First, the thin screens look very elegant, especially in public places, even when you look at them from behind or from the side. What's more, such screens take up less space on your desk.

Brightness 250 cd / m
Do you want to use the monitor in a brightly lit place, eg next to a window through which light enters? The high brightness of 250 cd / m (or 250 nits) achieved by the W-LED backlight ensures good screen visibility even in these difficult conditions. In comparison, the reference luminance level of sRGB screens is 80 cd / m.

The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is supported by the latest generation gaming consoles, currently available graphics cards and decoders that support the HDCP digital content protection system. HDMI version 1.3-1.4b supports refresh rate up to 144 Hz with 1080p and 75 Hz with 1440p, and HDMI 2.0-2.0b versions support 240 Hz with 1080p, 144 Hz with 1440p and 60 Hz with 2160p (4K).

MVA matrix
The MVA (Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment) matrix displays deeper blacks and higher contrast, providing a more vivid and bright image.

Общие характеристики

Диагональ24.016 "
1920 x 1080
Тип экрана
250 cd/m²
Частота экрана
60 Hz
Время реакции
5 ms
Соотношение сторон

Возможности подключения:

Разъем для наушников1

Дополнительная информация:

Встроенные динамикиNo
Входящие в комплект аксессуарыHDMI cable
Горизонтальный угол наблюдения 178
Вертикальный угол наблюдения178
HDMI Version1.4


Ширина495.00 mm
Высота130.00 mm
Глубина34 mm
Размер54.01 cm x 18.68 cm x 41.74 cm


3-Year Warranty
Заказ в представительство
Доступно для заказа:
37 шт.
Заказ в представительство 5-12 рабочих дней.
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