AOC Monitor 23.8 24E1Q IPS DP HDMI Speakers

Код товара:
  • Разрешение: 1920 x 1080
  • Диагональ: 23.8 "
  • Тип экрана: IPS
  • Частота экрана: 60 Hz
122.50 €
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Stylish IPS 23.8 monitor with Full HD
Slim and frameless on three sides 24E1Q design allows convenient use of multiple monitors. . Precisely reproduced and rich colors thanks to the IPS matrix in Full HD. Rich features, including speakers and multiple connectors (VGA, HDMI and DP). Ecological, which is confirmed by certificates.

Full HD resolution
Do you want to watch Blu-ray movies in excellent quality, play high definition games or read sharp text in office applications? Thanks to Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels this monitor will enable you to do it. Regardless of what you are watching, the Full HD resolution will display this with a wealth of detail without using a higher-end graphics card and the consumption of many system resources.

Display Port
As the latest standard for VESA display connectors, DisplayPort also allows you to send audio, connect USB and other storage media. DisplayPort version 1.2-1.2a supports up to 165 Hz with 1440p, 75 Hz with 2160p, version 1.3 supports up to 240 Hz with 1440p, 120 Hz with 2160p, and version 1.4 meets HDR10 requirements.

Integrated U2777PQU loudspeakers
Thanks to the built-in speakers, you can keep in touch with your relatives, friends and colleagues. You do not need to connect external speakers to enjoy watching movies, listening to music, playing games, etc.

IPS matrix
Regardless of whether you are watching pictures, videos, pages layout of the magazine in InDesign or playing your favorite game - we want the image to look perfectly from any angle. That's why this screen is equipped with an advanced IPS sensor that provides clear colors and a wide viewing angle. Thanks to this, the picture is always perfect and accurate, regardless of the angle from which the user - or his friends and colleagues sitting or standing next to him - looks at the screen.

Общие характеристики

Диагональ23.8 "
1920 x 1080
Тип экрана
250 cd/m²
Частота экрана
60 Hz
Время реакции
5 ms
Соотношение сторон


Monitori nõgusus:Flat
VESA kinnitus:Olemas
Toiteplokk:Sisse ehitatud
Встроенные динамикиYes
Kaasas:HDMI cable
Горизонтальный угол наблюдения 178
Вертикальный угол наблюдения178
HDMI Version1.4


Ширина539.1 mm
Высота404.9 mm
Глубина199.4 mm
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36 шт.
Заказ в представительство 2-5 рабочих дней.
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