Genesis Carbon 700 Maxi Cordura

Код товара: NPG-1801
  • Ширина: 900 mm
  • Глубина: 420 mm
  • Толщина: 3 mm
24.10 €
Pads from the Carbon 700 series are made of highly damage resistant Cordura fabric, which is commonly used in the production of expedition backpacks or clothes for motorcyclists; The bottom of the pad is made of high-quality non-slip rubber. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the Carbon 700 will not move unexpectedly and will remain in place even during the most dynamic gameplay; The surface of carbon 700 is fully resistant to water and prevents the absorption of liquid


Размеры420 x 900 x 3
Ширина900 mm
Глубина420 mm
Толщина3 mm
МатериалRubber, Cordura
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10 шт.
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