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  • Ühenduvus: USB; Wired
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Описание товара

Logitech Desktop MK120

Robust duo combines comfort, stylish looks and simplicity.

Comfort when typing

Hands will be grateful for a low profile, quiet keys and standard layout with full size function keys and numeric keypad.

The strength and beauty of design

Flat keyboard with fixed keys feet and is not only elegant but also durable and resistant to flooding.

Smooth operation

Precision optical mouse with high quality ensures smooth operation.

This durable duo that consists of a compact and comfortable high-quality keyboard and mouse, it combines comfort, stylish looks and simplicity.

Comfortable and quiet typing

Writing is a comfortable and quiet with low-profile keys that almost no sound, and a standard layout with full size function keys and numeric keypad.

Fluid-resistant design

The fluid drains out of the keyboard, so accidental spill is not a problem.

Optical tracking of high-resolution

Fast and smooth cursor control is provided by high resolution optical tracking (1000 dpi).

Thin profile

The keyboard is very flat, which makes it an elegant decoration desk and helps maintain a comfortable, natural position of the hand.

Persistent keys

With the keys tolerate up to 10 million keystrokes, you can write much longer than many other keyboards.

USB connection "plug and play"
Installation is simple. Simply connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB port PC or laptop to start using them.

Clear keys

Bold, white space to help read the keys. This is the perfect solution for people with weak eyesight. These keys are also more resistant to abrasion.

Durable, reclining leg

Folding legs to increase keyboard tilt by 8 degrees. This allows you to adjust the setting and get the maximum comfort.

Logitech Reliability

High quality and reliability that made Logitech the world leader in the field of keyboards and mice, are providing a cost-effective device with a three-year warranty.

The curved space

The special shape allows you lay your hands in a more natural way, which improves the convenience of writing.

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ÜhenduvusUSB; Wired
Hiir komplektisYes
Klaviatuuri võimalusedKeyboard & Mouse
2 years
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