Savio Keyboard Tempest RX Full Blue

Код товара:
  • Paigutus: QWERTY; US Inglise
  • Ühenduvus: Wired
  • Värv: Чёрный; Синий
33.05 €

Описание товара

  • Mechanical keyboard
  • FULL keyboard with a numeric block,
  • Used switches OUTEMU Blue 60g, you can feel the moment of activation by hearing a characteristic click,
  • The switch designed for writing, through a characteristic activation click for enthusiasts of mechanical keyboards,
  • 87 keys,
  • N-Key Rollover, Anti-Ghosting (the ability to press all keys simultaneously),
  • Non-abrasive keys produced by the double-injection method,
  • The aluminum surface of the keyboard,
  • Key backlighting with the option of selecting over 10 modes,
  • The choice of backlight modes for the most popular games,
  • Multimedia keys,
  • Lock the Windows key and all keys,
  • Backlight intensity adjustment,
  • Rubber elements that ensure keyboard stability during operation,
  • The ability to change the WSAD keys to the arrows,
  • The ability to adjust the height of the keyboard.

Технические характеристики


KlahvipaigutusQWERTY; US Inglise
Juhtme pikkus1.5 m
Nupud:Outemu Blue; Mehaaniline
Aku tüüp:USB 5V
VärvЧёрный; Синий
2 aastat
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Доступно для заказа:
2 шт.
Заказ в представительство 2-8 рабочих дней.

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