LOGITECH K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard - BLACK - RUS

Код товара:
  • Paigutus: ENG/RUS
  • Ühenduvus: Wireless; USB; RF
  • Värv: Чёрный

Описание товара

Keyboard compatibility with multimedia devices for TV
The K400 Plus keyboard provides unmatched convenience. The layout is specially designed for comfortable switching between multimedia devices.
Easily accessible volume controls and arrow keys.
The second left mouse button allows you to control and select the desired items with both hands.
Quick access for users to Windows ® and Android ™ .
Special keys are ready for use without having to configure  

Технические характеристики


ÜhenduvusWireless; USB; RF
Juhtmevaba2,4 GHz
Klaviatuuri võimalusedKeyboard & Touchpad; Multimedia; Wireless
2 years

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