Natec Gaming set 4 in 1 Thunderstreak 3.0

Код товара: NFU-1674
  • Подключения: Wired
  • Цвет: Чёрный; Синий; Серый


To be fully satisfied with the game, you need to be sure that all accessories included in your stand are reliable, innovative and functional. With the Fury Thunderstreak 3.0 set you can have it all, and a unique design on top of it all.


The gaming station is the real kingdom of every player. The Fury Thunderstreak 3.0 set will allow you to change the appearance of your empire, but above all, it will support you in everyday combat whilst delivering attributes of highest quality. The set is equipped with all the necessary components that are necessary to win tough battles and give comfortable and exciting gameplay. The Thunderstreak 3.0 4 in 1 set includes a keyboard, headphones, mouse and a pad.


The set is powered by a high-quality, low-profile membrane keyboard, which with its functionality will satisfy even the most demanding players. The wrist rest and folding legs will ensure comfort of use, and the multi-coloured backlight function will please the eye during exhausting competitions. Additionally, the keyboard offers 12 multimedia keys and anti-ghosting for 19 keys. What's more, the water-resistant design gives a peace of mind in case of unwanted liquid spills, which keeps you in control even when the situation gets out of hand.


The combination of high-quality stereo sound with a sensitive microphone mounted on a flexible arm transmits clear audio and ensures good communication with the partners. Thanks to this you will be immersed in the virtual battlefield like never before. The dynamic range of the speakers is maintained at 105dB, the frequency response range is between 20 - 20,000 Hz, and the impedance of the speakers is 32 Ohm. Soft earmuffs trimmed with fabric give highest levels of comfort, improve air circulation and reduce ear overheating, key factors that have direct impact on the comfort of use.


The ability to adjust many functions of the mouse to your own needs is a very important feature for many players. Therefore, the Thunderstreak 3.0 set has been enriched with a with unique software that allows you to edit macros and assign a wide range of functions to each of the five programmable buttons. In addition, a precise optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 4000 DPI will give plenty of possibilities at any stage of the game. Phenomenal visual effects are produced thanks to the LED backlight which will give your stand an original character.


A compact pad made of the highest quality materials will give you comfort regardless of the situation. The top layer finished with a fabric will guarantee precise sensor movement, so that you can demonstrate incredible accuracy even in the most demanding moments. The non-slip rubber base ensures that the mousepad will stay in place and will not move at an unexpected moment. What's more, the unconventional design will effectively complement any gaming stand.

Технические детали

СоединенияUSB; 2 x 3,5 mm minijack
Возможности подключенияWired
Длина провода1.8 m
Тип батареиUSB 5V
ЦветЧёрный; Синий; Серый
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