Код товара:
  • Maht: 64 GB
  • Ühenduvus: USB Type A
  • Lugemise kiirus: 60 MBps
  • Kirjutamise kiirus: 20 MBps
5.95 €
In 2004, Wilk Elektronik launched memory products manufactured in Poland under the brand name of GOODRAM. From that time on, production of memory modules began at the only plant of its type in Central and Eastern Europe. In only its first year the company sold nearly 400 000 GOODRAM memory devices in Poland. Currently, this brand is offered by all of Poland’s largest distributors of computer equipment. Due to narrow specialization and long-term experience, GOODRAM has become an expert in its domain. It uses high-standard equipment that allows to obtain the highest quality of products. GOODRAM aims at supplying its clients with memory solutions of the best quality, for any device, at attractive prices.

Tehnilised andmed

Maht64 GB
Lugemise kiirus60 MBps
Kirjutamise kiirus20 MBps
ÜhenduvusUSB Type A
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30 шт.
Заказ в представительство 4-8 рабочих дней.
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