ART Handheld semi-automatic screen MS-150 4:3 150 305x229cm 4:3

Код товара:
142.90 €
7.00 € / месячная плата от

Projection screen

  • For multimedia presentations (conference rooms, schools) and home cinema (in the pub or home)
  • Method of unfolding / folding: Manual - Semi-automatic, thanks to the automatic lock system (auto-lock) the screen stays exactly in the designated place.
  • High quality Matt White surface provides excellent picture
  • Rugged metal, octagonal casing. Each screen packed in special reinforced corners to protect it in transport.
  • Screen rewinds to the cassette - so we protect it from damage when not in use
  • At the bottom of the screen is a handle and a leash for easier folding / unfolding
  • Black border will provide even better contrast
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