GOODRAM Memory Card IRDM 64GB + Adapter

Код товара:
  • Maht: 64 GB
  • Tüüp: SDXC
14.60 €
IRDM UHS-I U3 A2 microCARD provides high performance and reliability for those who want to record 4K and slow motion videos or save high quality photos in JPEG and RAW format in quick response modes. The card is compatible with the Android system, so it can be used as an internal memory of mobile devices, enabling smooth recording of multimedia and applications.

Tehnilised andmed

64 GB
Lugemise kiirus
100 MBps
Kirjutamise kiiirus
120 MBps
Suuruse standardSDXC
V30; U3; A2; Class10
UHS kiirusklass
Class 3 (U3)
Заказ в представительство
Доступно для заказа:
50 шт.
Заказ в представительство 2-5 рабочих дней.
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