LOGITECH G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, black

  • DPI: 16000
  • Ühenduvus: Juhtmevaba; USB
  • Värvus: Must
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Mouse G Pro Wireless Gaming 910-005272

Designed together with pros, created to be won
PRO Wireless is a unique mouse to play for professional e-sportsmen. For more than two years, the Logitech G department has worked with over 50 professional players to be able to guarantee the perfect shape, mass and sensations combined with the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and the HERO 16K sensor. The result is a gaming mouse with unmatched performance and precision, providing tools and confidence to win.

Our most precise sensor for playing
Logitech G, like professional e-sportsmen, always strives for better speed and precision. Thanks to HERO 16K, a sensor for playing a new generation, the world has gained a new leader in this field. The HERO 16K sensor has been optimized for PRO Wireless mouse to ensure extraordinary tracking of traffic at over 400 IPS without delay. The HERO 16k sensor provides the highest performance at any sensitivity without smoothing, accelerating or filtering with a resolution of 100 to 16,000 dpi. The HERO 16K sensor also consumes 10 times less energy than its predecessors, such as the PMW3366, allowing the use of a lighter battery with better life. Professionals require the best equipment - this is the HERO 16K sensor.

LIGHTSPEED wireless communication technology
Resignation from the cable is essential for professionals. Dragging the wire causes friction and distraction, which is unacceptable when playing at a professional level. This innovative, comprehensive technology eliminates problems with latency, connectivity and power supply, ensuring a consistent connection refresh rate of 1 ms - no delays or wires.

The latest Logitech G endoskeleton achieves an extremely low weight of 80 g. Ultra thin outer layer with a thickness of only 1 mm uses an innovative ladder base that provides strength during tournaments and construction support.
The advanced LiPo battery has a very long life and light weight, which ensures trouble-free wireless playing. Recharge the mouse and do not worry about the battery when competing in the tournament.

48 programmable buttons
Removable right and left buttons make the PRO Wireless mouse perfectly adapted to both hands. Professionals can decide themselves how many side buttons they want to use from zero to four. DPI1 button. For programming the DPI button, the Logitech G HUB software that will be available from 03/09/2018 is located at the bottom of the mouse to prevent involuntary DPI changes while playing. The Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse can be used straight out of the box using pre-defined button settings. You can also fully configure it to tune to your preferences using the Logitech G HUB software.

PRO Wireless is equipped with backlight with approx. 16.8 million colors with customizable2 Advanced features require Logitech G HUB software, which can be downloaded from logitechG.com/downloads which is ideal for representing your team's colors, personalizing configurations or synchronizing with others Logitech G. LIGHTSYNC devices also provide lighting effects that adapt to game events, visualizations, screen color sampling, and much more. All this is guaranteed by the G HUB software.

Built-in memory
Thanks to the built-in memory, you can use G HUB software to store preferences directly in the mouse, which ensures quick use in tournament systems. Mouse settings do not change, regardless of whether you play at home or on the stage. Skip the installation of custom software or reconfigure settings. Start playing right away.

System of mechanical buttons with tension
The PRO Wireless mouse is equipped with the latest button innovations. By using a metal spring to stretch the separate plates of the left and right buttons, the range of motion and the strength of activation (force necessary to click) were reduced and improved. The result is extremely precise, consistent and some clicks.

Long-lasting performance
The PRO Wireless mouse is based on over 35 years of Logitech's experience in the design, construction and testing of mouse. It was created to withstand the use of professional e-sportsmen during training and tournaments. The surface of the PRO mouse is coated, which guarantees durability and a secure grip. The feet are tested so that they can cover a distance of over 250 km. The left and right buttons provide durability for 50 million clicks, which is equivalent to five years of daily training lasting 10 hours.

PRO series
PRO series equipment is created for a specific purpose, i.e. for professional playing. The most advanced technology and the highest quality specifications, developed in cooperation with professional players around the world, ensure the precision, speed and endurance required to win. Everything a professional needs. Without what is unnecessary.

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Tehnilised andmed:

Ühenduvus:Juhtmevaba; USB
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2 years

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