• Kiibistik: Intel Z790
  • Sokkel: 1700
  • Standard: ATX
  • Mälu tugi: DDR5
279.90 €
8.16 € / kuumakse alates


  • Supports 12th/13th generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold and Celeron processors with LGA 1700 socket
  • Support for DDR5 memory up to 7200+ MHz (overclocking)
  • Improved power supply design: 16+1+1-phase power layout compliant with Mirrored Power Arrangement, two 8-pin CPU power connectors, Core Boost and Memory Boost technologies
  • Extreme gaming speed: PCIe 5.0, Lightning Gen 4 x4 M.2 connectors, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 ports
  • Premium cooling system: Enhanced Extended Heatsink design and M.2 Shield Frozr protection for high system performance and continuous uninterrupted operation
  • AUDIO BOOST 5 sound system: generating studio-quality sound for exceptional gaming immersion.
  • Top quality circuit board: 6-layer PCB with two ounces of layered copper made from server-grade materials


Standing always at the side of gamers, the MAG series boards will help them fight honourably on the virtual battlefield.
With additional elements inspired by military styling, the new gaming line has been reborn as a symbol of solid quality and exceptional durability.

  • Extended Heatsink - The Extended Heatsink features a larger heat dissipation area, allowing even high-end CPUs to run at full speed on the board.
  • M.2 Shield Frozr System - The M.2 drive cooling system prevents the appearance of thermal throttling effects on data transmission, allowing drives to run much faster.
  • Solid metal heatsink that cools the VRM voltage regulator moduleThe heatsink located on the VRM voltage regulator module also cools the MOS transistors and helps dissipate heat.
  • Heat sink with 7W/mK thermal pads and additional thermal pads on the chokes. High-quality 7W/mK thermal pads located on the MOSFET power transistors and additional thermal pads located on the chokes ensure stable operation of all CPU cores and allow them to run at high speeds on the board.

Optimised for water cooling The motherboard is designed to work with the most popular all-in-one water cooling systems and custom liquid cooling systems on the market. Dedicated for water pump interoperability, the PIN connector supports devices that draw up to 3 amps, giving you full control over the speed of the water pump. A clearly marked keep-out-zone allows for easy and safe cooling installation and perfect matching of equipment.

System for assemblers 2.0 - integration into the system environment

Connect and position the components of the MSI cooling system in the computer case in an optimal way. You can do this thanks to strategically placed slots, including a connector that is dedicated to the pump fan of the liquid cooling system.

Power supply

  • 16+1+1-phase power system compliant with Mirrored Power Arrangement
  • Unleash power and enjoy maximum performance with the premium VRM voltage regulator module design, using a total of 16+1+1 power phases compliant with the Duet Rail Power System (DRPS). The combination of dual connectors and power stage design makes MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI DDR4 series motherboards ready to meet the challenges of running the highest-end CPUs.
  • Optimised PCB design
  • The PCB design has been optimised for higher bandwidth and transfer speeds, which also benefits reliable transmission in the circuitry.

EZ M.2 Clip

Having trouble unscrewing and twisting screws? MSI's innovative EZ M.2 clip will help you install your M.2 SSD quickly and with minimal effort.

Driver tool installer

Once connected to the internet, the MSI Driver Utility Installer app will automatically detect and display on-screen a list of drivers and utilities that you can download and install in just a few clicks. Find out more

*Please make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, otherwise the Driver Utility Installer will not start automatically.

*MSI Driver Utility Installer is also prepared to work with Windows 11 build 22H2.

Flash BIOS Button

Have you encountered problems while updating the BIOS or somehow corrupted it? Don't worry, MSI motherboards offer plenty of options to help you reboot your system successfully.

Lightning Gen 5 PCI-E and Steel Armor compatible connectors

  • Double the previous generation's x16 interface bandwidth to achieve 128GB/s data transfer rates
  • Advanced SMT (Surface Mount Technology) for PCIE slot mounting reduces interference and electrical noise, allowing full PCI-E 5.0 signal support.
  • The motherboard has been secured with additional solder points. Now, heavy and large graphics cards can be placed in its PCIE slots without problems.

Fast and future-ready storage

MSI MPG series motherboards support all the latest storage standards, allowing users to plug in any ultra-fast storage device. Launch games faster, load levels faster and gain a real advantage over your enemies.

Latest DDR5 memory installed in SMT-mounted connectors

AOgreat step forward in DDR memory performance has been taken with the latest DDR5 memory. Combined with a dedicated SMT surface mount process and MSI Memory Boost technology, MA Z790 TOMAHAWK WiFi series motherboards are poised to offer users remarkable memory performance.

The advanced SMT (Surface Mount Technology) surface mount process reduces slot soldering errors, electromagnetic interference and interference, allowing for the delivery of an undistorted, clean signal. This mounting, combined with MSI's exclusive Memory Boost technology, allows MSI motherboards to deliver a clean, high-frequency DDR5 signal.

Easy overclocking with XMP profiles

XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) profiles, which are available in the BIOS of MSI motherboards, are tested and certified by MSI's overclocking lab. With automatic performance-enhancing settings, it's easy to enable them and thus achieve the highest speed and stability for your memory system.

MSI Center

Offered under the name MSI Center, MSI's new software combines MSI's existing suite of diverse utilities into one centralised application. Take control of advanced motherboard functions and unleash their limitless possibilities.

Clikck BIOS 5

Enjoy a BIOS full of diverse features designed for ease of use. Tune your motherboard for gaming performance, efficiency or overclocking and break world records!

  • XMP
  • Use predefined XMP profiles and automatically overclock compatible DDR memory.
  • VMD (Volume Management Device)
  • Allows direct control and management of NVMe SSDs over the PCIe bus without the need for additional hardware adapters./li>
  • A feature that allows for a convenient, in an instant, traditional BIOS flash or update from the CMOS Setup Utility menu.
  • Get instant access to critical real-time hardware information such as temperature, memory capacity, clock speed and voltage.
  • Extract extreme speed from RAM modules and get better system performance.
  • The search function and favourite options located in the top right corner of the BIOS menu will quickly take you to the tab you need at the moment.

Exclusive add-on application AIDA64 Extreme

When you buy an MSI motherboard, you get 60 days free access to the AIDA64 Extreme application MSI edition. AIDA64 Extreme is an exclusive utility software that collects system information and also allows you to perform system diagnostics, tests and benchmarks. With the application, you can monitor your hardware and the software installed on your computer in detail and save the collected information to a file in multiple formats, such as CSV and HTML.

Resizable BAR

Resizable BAR (Re-Size BAR) is an advanced feature associated with the PCI Express bus that allows the entire frame buffer to be accessed simultaneously by the processor and graphics chip, so that graphics generation performance can be increased.

Expand the capabilities of your RGB backlighting system with ease

Add, if you wish, more colours and colours! Mystic Light Extension compatible pin connectors allow you to intuitively control additional RGB ribbons and other RGB backlit peripherals added to your system, without the need for a separate RGB controller.

High-bandwidth, low-latency networking

MSI's top-notch network solution delivers incredible data transfer speeds that will satisfy all demanding users.

  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 2.5G network

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Kiibistik:Intel Z790
Toetatud mälutüüp:DDR5
Mälupesade arv:4
5200; 5400; 5600; 5800; 5000; 6600; 6800; 6400; 6200; 6000; 7200; 7000; 4800 MHz

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