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High cooling quality

SAVIO FROST is an extremely efficient CPU air cooler equipped with a quiet radiator. It enables almost noiseless work and optimal airflow. Applied technologies deliver distinguished parameters and high performance. The CPU cooler dimensions of 140x128x76mm are an additional advantage. They provide wide compatibility with most PC cases.

Copper heat-pipes 

The CPU cooler SAVIO FROST is equipped with two copper heat pipes of 6 mm diameter. The heat pipes touch the CPU surface and instantly transfer temperature to the radiator. That process considerably reduces working temperature. The specific distribution of heat sink fins allows optimal airflow to the heat pipes. There is also an efficient heat diffusion to the environment.

Wide compatibility

SAVIO FROST is compatible with all the latest Intel and AMD CPUs. The CPU cooler comes with the installation kit, fitting all popular sockets. The installation system ensures quick and easy mounting. Whats worth mentioning, the set also features high-quality thermal grease. It is easy to apply and has high thermal conductivity.

TDP 125 W

SAVIO FROST cooler supports advanced CPUs. It achieves impressing 125 W TDP (Thermal Design Power). It works with the majority of CPUs available on the market. Parameters considerably improve performance. The CPU cooler has suitable, tested materials. It guarantees fault-free performance and a long working time.

Efficient 120 mm extractor fan 

The 120 mm extractor fan included with the set connects with a 4-pin plug. It sufficiently lowers temperatures generated in the radiator. It is a perfect solution for playing video games or using professional computer programs. The fan separates itself from the market with quiet work regardless of the rotation speed. It is achieved thanks to aerodynamic design and fan speed between 600-1500 RPM.

PMW Connection

SAVIO FROST has fan speed adjustment. You can do it either through BIOS or dedicated motherboard software. Thanks to this feature, you have total control over the performance and can adjust the cooler efficiency to your needs.

The set includes:

  • CPU cooler SAVIO FROST
  • Installation kit
  • Thermal grease

Tehnilised andmed

Toetatud soklid:Socket AM2+; LGA 1700; 1200; Socket AM3+; AM4; Socket FM1; Socket FM2+; 1150; 1151; 1155; 1156

Данные вентилятора

Läbimõõt120 mm
Kiirus kuni1500
Tellimine esindusse
Võimalik tellida:
25 tk
Tellimine esindusse 4-8 tööpäeva.
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