Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora LUX Digital RGB (92x92x25mm)

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The Alphacool Eiszyklon fan is the ideal combination of silence and performance for a fan of its size. The airflow and high static pressure that is created in such a small space makes it the ideal fan for 92 mm radiators. The extensive Digital RGB lighting also provides the right mood in the system.

Wide Control Range and Silence
With a fan speed of 600 - 1800 rpm, Alphacool Eiszyklon offers a very high control range and means it is also well suited for silent systems. The 11 fan blades with a steep angle of attack provide a high static pressure and are ideally suited for operation on radiators. Decouplers can also be found directly on the frame. The soft foam pads reduce the transmission of vibrations to the case.

Addressable Digital RGB Lighting
The Alphacool Eiszyklon houses 12 Digital RGB LEDs. The entire fan frame serves as a diffuser, distributing the light evenly over the entire frame. This not only optimally illuminates the transparent fan blades, but also the fan's surroundings. This ensures a homogeneous illumination of the entire fan and surrounding areas.

How is the fan controlled?
The fan is controlled via a 4-pin PWM connector. The fan cable is 23cm long. The Digital RGB LED lighting is controlled via a JST 3-pin connector. The cable of the JST connector is 50cm long and has a splitter at the end, which makes it possible to connect other Digital RGB products with a JST connector in series. This helps to reduce cable chaos and allows you to control all products at the same time via one controller connector.

The Alphacool Aurora LUX fan is an all-around carefree package with perfect airflow and outstanding 5V Digital RGB LED lighting. And all functions can be controlled via just one cable on one controller. It could hardly be simpler.

Technical data:
L x W x H: 92 x 92 x 25 mm
Weight: 94 g
Speed: 600 - 1800rpm
Bearing: Hydraulisch
Connection fan: 4-Pin PWM
Connection Digital RGB: 3-Pin JSP + 3-Pin 5V
Power consumption: 0,14A (1,68W)
Cable length PWM: 23 cm
Cable length 3-Pin JST: 50 cm
Operating oltage: 12V
Static pressure: 0,4 - 0,9 H2O
Airflow: 23 - 51 m³/h
Noise: 17,9 - 32 dB(A)
MTBF: 50.000h

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora LUX Digital RGB (92x92x25mm)

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Mõõtmed:92 x 92 x 25mm
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Tellimine esindusse 5-17 tööpäeva.
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