Alphacool ES deionized water (ultrapure water) 1000ml


ES deionized water is an industry-grade purified water developed by Alphacool specifically for servers and workstations. To ensure the water is free from organic and inorganic substances, it is demineralized and deionized through multiple filtration processes. Due to its extreme purity, there are no residues formed, thereby preventing damage to the cooling system.

Absolute Purity
In contrast to household distilled water with an electrical conductivity of about 20 µs/cm, the electrical conductivity of Alphacool's ES purified water is less than 0.1 µs/cm. Due to its extreme purity, it does not react with copper, brass, or nickel. The purified water does not leave any limescale deposits. These properties help to protect the components, increase their lifespan, and reduce maintenance efforts.

Do Not Mix!
To prevent contamination of the filtered fluid according to DIN or ISO standards (See paragraph "DIN and ISO Standards," as well as table "Analysis + Method"), the purified water must not be mixed with other fluids. If it is mixed, the warranty is void, and the properties of the fluid may be negatively impacted.

DIN and ISO Standards
Depending on the requirement profile, the purified water meets the following standards:
• DAB 2019 / Ph.Eur. 10 / USP / EAB 9
• DIN ISO 3696 / ASTM D1193-91 / CLSI-CLRW
• DIN EN 13060 / DIN EN 285
• DIN 43530 / VDE 0510
• VDI 2035


Technical data
Filling volume1000ml

Analysis + Method
pH value (DIN 38404 C5)6,5-8,5
el. Conductivity (DIN EN 27888)less than 0,1 µs/cm
Total dry residue (DIN 38409 H1-1)less than 10 mg/l
Chloride (LCOCD)less than 0,01 mg/l
Nitrate (LCOCD)less than 0,002 mg/l
Nitrate-Nitrogen (EN ISO 10304-1)less than 0,25 mg/l
Sulfate (LCOCD)less than 0,001 mg/l
Magnesium (DIN EN ISO 17294-2)less than 0,02 mg/l
Sodium (DIN EN ISO 17294-2)less than 0,05 mg/l
Nitrite (LCOCD)less than 0,002 mg/l
Phosphate (LCOCD)less than 0,002 mg/l
SiO2 (Photometrie)less than 0,01 mg/l
Tin (DIN EN ISO 17294-2)less than 0,01 mg/l
Total hardness (DIN EN ISO 17294-2)less than 0,002 mmol/l
Total hardness (DIN EN ISO 17294-2)less than 0,01 °dH

Note on use
WarningMust not be mixed with other liquids!

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