Transcend smart card reader N68, black

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  • Ühenduvus: USB 2.0
12.70 €

Product description

Transcend N68 smart card reader gives you a secure and easy way to use Estonian ID cards or other smart cards.

You can communicate with government agencies, banks, and e-service providers at home or at work without leaving your computer. You can also use an ID card to enter almost all major e-service environments in Estonia, which is the safest and most convenient way to log in. It is no longer necessary to remember different passwords and usernames for different services, an ID card, a card reader, and an ID card PIN code are sufficient.

Technical details

Tehnilised andmed

ÜhenduvusUSB 2.0
Ordering to a store
Available to order:
14 pcs
Ordering to a store 2-8 working days.

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