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Frequently Asked Questions

The website mentions "TELLITAV 2-5 tööpäeva" for a product. Is it possible for me to go somewhere to pick up the product and get it immediately?
Unfortunately, the product is not immediately available in any of our local warehouses, and it is not possible to go pick it up yourself. These products need to be pre-ordered from our foreign warehouse. When you open the product information page, you will find information in the right column about how many products can be ordered and approximately how long the delivery will take.
"40pcs" means that it is possible to order up to 40 products, and "2-5 tööpäeva" indicates that the expected delivery time to the Arvutitark warehouse is two to five working days.
The website states "AVAILABILITY: IN STOCK" for a product. Which store's availability does this indicate?
On the product information page, you will find next to the map details about which store has the product immediately available and in what quantity. If you need the product urgently and it is only available in limited quantities at the store, we recommend contacting the store and requesting a reservation of the product beforehand. This will prevent a situation where someone else might purchase the product before you.
Can I return a purchased product to the store if it does not suit me or if I don’t like it? What is the time frame for returns?
Generally, we do not accept returns of products purchased from a physical store, so please ensure the product is suitable and necessary before making a purchase. For products purchased online, individual consumers have the right to return the product within 14 days, provided it is in its unopened, unused condition.
More information about the return conditions can be found in our online store's terms of use and the "14-day return policy" section, which is available at the top of our website.
Do you offer gift cards, and where can I purchase them?
Yes, we offer gift cards in values of 20, 50, and 100 euros, which can be purchased at our Arvutitark stores across Estonia. Additionally, e-gift cards with a value of your choice can be purchased from our online store at https://arvutitark.ee/osta-kinkekaart. When buying physical gift cards in-store, we also offer the option to purchase attractive gift envelopes.

An Arvutitark gift card is a key to the world of laptops, keyboards, mice, and headphones, and can be used both in our physical stores and online.
Are the prices the same in the online store and in retail stores?
Due to technical reasons, our online store and retail store prices may vary from time to time. We recommend that when shopping in a retail store, you ask the staff for the online store price, and if possible, we will apply it.
If I want to order something, do I need to make a down payment?
Generally, a down payment is required, either through bank transfer or by cash or card payment in the retail store. If you prefer to pay for the product at the time of collection in the store, please inform us in advance. We will try to accommodate this option where possible.
If I have made an advance payment by transfer and the product is available in the store, can I immediately go to collect the item? Can I use the payment order as proof?
Your order is processed after the payment is received in our bank account. On working days, this can take up to a couple of hours, depending on interbank settlements, and longer over the weekend. Unfortunately, we do not issue goods based on the payment order alone.
The computer's description mentions "DOS" or "Linux," what does that mean?
It means that the computer does not have the standard Microsoft Windows operating system pre-installed. For such computers, we always recommend purchasing Windows as well. Feel free to ask our customer service for advice and additional information about installing Windows.
I bought a product that, according to your website, comes with a free game. How do I get it?
After receiving the promotional product, find the related campaign advertisement on our website. By clicking on the advertisement, you'll access more detailed information, including an email address where you need to send the required information as per the campaign's terms (usually the invoice number is requested). Afterwards, you will receive an email with more detailed instructions on how to obtain the game. It usually takes a couple of working days to send these instructions.
Are the prices on the website inclusive of VAT?
Yes, the prices displayed on our website already include VAT. Logged-in business clients have the option to deduct VAT from the product prices, which can be done using the corresponding button in the product catalog.
Are the prices on the invoice/order sent or printed for me inclusive of VAT?
On the invoice or order, the prices of the products are listed without VAT. VAT is added at the end of the invoice, and the total amount of the invoice is presented including VAT.
I bought a desktop computer from Arvutitark with Windows pre-installed, but when I start it, Windows is asking for some activation code.
Please check the sticker on the side panel of the computer case you purchased, as the Windows activation code should be affixed there.
How can I track the status of my order?
You can track the status of your order by logging into your account and going to the order history section. We also send you a tracking number by email once your order has been dispatched. If you know your order code, you can also check its status here: https://arvutitark.ee/tellimuse-jalgimine.
How long does the product warranty last, and what does it cover?
The warranty period and terms depend on the product. Generally, the warranty lasts for 1-2 years. The warranty covers defects due to manufacturing faults, but not damage caused by wear and tear or improper use. For more detailed information, please refer to our warranty and return policy section.
What should I do if the product is damaged upon arrival or a defect occurs?
If the product arrives damaged or develops faults during use that are not due to normal wear and tear, please take pictures of the product and register them along with a description on our customer account page at https://arvutitark.ee/minu-garantii. We will address your issue as soon as possible.
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