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About us

Arvutitark OÜ is a company founded in 2013 based on Estonian capital.

Our clients mostly consists of computer enthusiasts and also many professionals in their field, who are engaged in, for example, audio and video processing or design and need a special solution or recommendation from one specialist to another. We have selected manufacturers who are recognized worldwide for their high quality and innovation.

In a short time, we have quickly become a very well-known brand in Estonia. We are the largest retail chain in Estonia, offering a very wide range of computer components and accessories right from stock. In Tallinn, we have a large warehouse, from which direct deliveries to the city center and distribution to our stores shoot extremely fast delivery time and a good assortment of goods in stores.

As of 2017, we have retail stores in shopping centers in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Narva.

The number of completed orders in 2017 exceeds 130,000.

The staff of the stores are well-trained professionals and specialists in their field who know the soul of computers and are also interested in computers as computer games.

Our core values:


A large part of our team has been working together for more than four years. We know what we're doing!


We pay special attention to customer satisfaction. That's why we constantly invest in a high level of service culture and the professionalism of our service providers.


The simplest and most informative shopping environment possible. All of our products are clearly categorized and complete product information is available.

Contact us:

Arvutitark OÜ

Registry code: 12494674

VAT no: EE101646813

Address: Järveotsa tee 50c, Tallinn 13520

Phone: +372 601 1502

E-mail: info@arvutitark.ee

Marketing and sponsorship offers

Phone: +372 565 01379

E-mail: reklaam@arvutitark.ee

Arvutitark OÜ does not offer monetary sponsorships


IBAN EE322200221057703320



IBAN: EE781010220221194222


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