GIGABYTE GK-AORUS K9 Optical Gaming Keyb

Product code:
  • Layout: EN - Inglise
  • Colour: Black

Product description

Forget about conventional mechanical switches. The optical Flaretech switch is faster and has a longer lifespan than traditional mechanical switches. AORUS has utilized this technology to craft a stylish, ultra-durable performance keyboard that works flawlessly regardless of scenario. The Flaretech switches offer an unbelievably short debounce time. The near-zero debounce time offers you an in-game advantage and higher precision in movements, thanks to signal processing at the speed of light.The K9 Optical comes with a much longer lifespan than traditional mechanical keyboards. This is made possible yet again by the use of optical switches that make do without metal that will oxidize and corrode over time.Harsh, dusty conditions and even rain or liquid spills are no match for the AORUS K9 Optical. Without exposed metal connectors, it is fully splash proof, even enabling use under water. By utilizing optical Flaretech switches, the K9 eliminates a common problem with mechanical keyboards - chatter. Because it uses fully optical actuation, rather than electromechanical, dust and dirt won't adversely affect your gaming experience by causing chatter.

Technical details

Tehnical Details

LayoutEN - Inglise
Keyboard FeaturesGaming/Keyboard only/Multimedia
Cord Lenght1.8 m
2 aastat

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