Karcher Universal vacuum cleaner WD 3 S V-19/4/20 EU 1.628-141.0

Tootekood: 1.628-141.0
  • Värvus: Must; Hõbe; Kollane

Universal dust extractor WD 3 S V-19/4/20 EU 1.628-141.0

Stainless steel tank with a capacity of 19 litres, 4 metre power cord and 2 metre suction hose: The WD 3 S V-19/4/20 impresses with its one-piece cartridge filter, high power, efficiency and attractive price/performance ratio.

With a power consumption of only 1000 W, the WD 3 S V-19/4/20 is powerful and energy efficient. Both the hoover, the suction hose and the floor nozzle with interchangeable strips are perfectly matched to each other - for the best dry and wet cleaning results, as well as the removal of fine and coarse dirt. The wet and dry hoover impresses with its compact design and robust 19-litre stainless steel tank, 4 m power cord, 2 m suction hose and fleece filter bag. Thanks to the one-piece cartridge filter, wet and dry vacuuming is possible without changing the filter. The blow-out function is useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The hose can be stored by hanging it on the head of the machine, saving space. The power cord can be stored on the hook and the pipes and floor nozzle on the bumper bar. The Pull & Push closure system makes it easy to open and close the container. The hoover elbow can be removed and the accessory connected directly to the suction hose. Other clever features: Tools and small parts can be deposited on the machine head. The ergonomically shaped handle allows you to carry the device comfortably.

One-piece cartridge filter

For wet and dry vacuuming without additional filter changes. Easy fitting and removal of filter by turning, no additional clamping element.

Practical storage for cable and accessories.

Space saving, safe and easy access when storing accessories. The power cord can be safely stored thanks to the integrated hooks.

Storage of the suction hose on the machine head

The suction hose can be securely hung on the appliance head and therefore takes up little space. Intuitive safety mechanism for right and left-handed users.

Storage shelf

For safe storage of tools and small parts such as screws and nails.

Practical blow-out function

Useful blow-out function for when you don't want to collect debris in the bin.

Easy removal of debris from e.g. gravel paths.

Fleece filter bag

Three-layered, extremely tear-resistant fleece.

Long-lasting high suction power and high level of dirt separation.

Elbow holder on the machine head

When not in use, the elbow holder can be quickly attached to the machine head.

Appliance, suction hose and floor nozzle are optimally adapted to each other.

Best cleaning results - for dry, wet, fine and coarse dirt.

Maximum vacuuming convenience.

Pull & Push" locking system

Quick, easy and safe opening and closing of the container.

Ergonomically shaped handle.

Easy and comfortable to transport.

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