Concept Planetary food processor RM7010

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Planetary food processor RM7010

Multifunctional helper

The ELEMENT planetary robot in white will become not only a functional, but also a designer addition to your kitchen. It will help you prepare cakes, creams and whipped cream. In addition, it is equipped with a blender, grater and meat grinder with attachments for filling sausages and cookies. In one device you will find several useful helpers.

High efficiency and quality of workmanship

Metal body and internal gears guarantee long service life. Thanks to the high power of 1200 W, you will achieve perfectly processed products. You can choose from 5 speeds and the PULSE program for instant maximum speed. There is also a safety lock that prevents the device from starting if it is not properly assembled.

Planetary mixing system

The robot has a modern planetary mixing system. The mixer or hook of the robot rotates around its own axis, as well as around the circumference of the bowl. Thanks to Smart Stop Position, the robot stops working in the optimal position for convenient removal of the mixer or hooks.

Beat, knead, mix

The robot is equipped with three types of whisks, with which you can easily and quickly prepare various cakes and creams. The balloon whisk is ideal for whipping light mixtures. In an instant you will receive a beautiful fluffy cream, delicious whipped cream or thoroughly whip egg whites. The kneading hook is perfect for mixing sourdough dough, e.g. for rolls, bread or pizza. The mixer for light dough is suitable for preparing butter creams.


The RM7010 planetary robot also has a cup mixer. High-quality glass container with a capacity of 1.5 l allows you to mix hot and cold. You can prepare delicious creamy soups, sauces, purees and cocktails in an instant.


The robot is equipped with 5 attachments; a grater for fine and coarse shredding, a grater for potatoes and a grater for cutting thin slices, and a special grater for potato pancakes. From now on, you will be able to prepare fruit salads, raw salads or grated potatoes for your favorite potato pancakes faster.

Grinding machine

Do you like homemade burgers and lasagna? Replaceable grinder discs with three holes of different sizes allow you to grind meat according to: own needs. Large holes are suitable for preparing a mixture for pâtés, medium ones for chopped meat for meatballs. You can also use a sieve with the largest holes to prepare the stuffing for the sausages, which you then use to fill the sausages with a special attachment. The set also includes a cookie attachment with 4 different holes.

Mini cookbook included

The set also includes a practical mini book with recipes, which will be an inspiration for quick and easy preparation of dishes in this device.

Concept app

The new Concept Cooking app is a clear and simple cookbook that is always with you. You can choose recipes from individual categories or according to your device. Don't worry anymore about what to cook for a party, a family lunch or what cocktail to take to work. Download the iOS or Android app. Recipes in Czech.

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