Qoltec Charger 17W | 5V | 3.4A | USB + Cable Micro USB

10.10 €

A reliable source of energy is a guarantee of satisfaction

Qoltec mains charger with a maximum power of 3.4A. Made with attention to every detail. It has a built-in USB socket and MICRO USB cable.

The USB port built into the charger allows you to use a cable with any plug to charge any connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or GPS navigation, wireless speakers, headphones or smart watch.

You can connect the cable in the plug:
Micro USB 2.0 - Compatible with smartphone , tablet, powerbank, headphones, speakers.
USB-C 3.0- symmetrical plug guarantees the correct connection of the device regardless of the rotation of the plug, designed to charge newer models of phones and tablets.

Comfort is the key to together satisfaction

Made with attention to every detail. The charger has been made from the highest quality materials to provide you with a reliable power supply in any situation. The technologies used in it will allow for low power consumption and high efficiency.

Lightweight and at the same time solid construction guarantees convenience and comfort of use. Universal colour and ultra-modern design will fit perfectly into your interior. With our charger you can charge not only your smartphone but also your tablet, wireless headphones and speakers, camera equipment, power bank and much more. The charger is indispensable for any journey. The small size means that it fits into any socket and takes up very little space.

The ultra-fast charger will meet the expectations of anyone who appreciates convenience and time saving. Thanks to its small and lightweight casing, you can always carry it with you.

Designed specifically to protect your safety

Constructed from high quality materials, it offers total safety of use.

It is additionally equipped with PROTECTIONS:
- against too low or too high input voltage,
- against overload of each power supply line,
- short circuit in the power supply circuit,
- protects against damage caused by overheating.

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