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The 5E Gen2 UPS provides affordable power protection for mission-critical applications in residential and professional environments.

Power protection

  • The 5E Gen2 UPS protects your applications and data from unexpected power loss.
  • Double-boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology regulates grid fluctuations (voltage sags and swells) to preserve energy in the battery during power outages.
  • A wide range of models covers the power needs of many IT devices.
  • The Auto-Restart function allows the UPS to automatically restart when mains power returns after the battery has been fully discharged.

Perfect protection:

  • Computers, workstations and peripherals;
  • Internet routers, basic NAS servers;
  • TVs, game consoles and other more energy-consuming devices;
  • home security systems;
  • Sales points, ticket machines.

Simple installation

  • The UPS 5E Gen2 offers local sockets (FR, DIN/IT, BS and IEC) to facilitate the connection and protection of the most commonly used devices.
  • The fanless design in versions up to 1200 VA ensures silent operation in home conditions.
  • The compact housing allows for convenient installation at home or in the office.
  • Easy UPS management from your computer (for USB models):
  • Automatic connection to Windows/MacOS/Linux power utilities to safely shut down your system.
  • Analyze energy consumption and manage UPS parameters with Eaton UPS Companion software.

Peace of mind

  • A leading and trustworthy manufacturer, with many years of experience and high quality standards: CE certificate granted by an external agency (TUV) in accordance with the latest international safety standards.
  • Know that you can rely on batteries 24/7:
  • UPS 5E Gen2 batteries are constantly charged (even when the UPS is turned off).
  • The UPS can start without mains power (cold start).
  • Automatic battery test and battery replacement alarm.
  • Take your worries away with a two-year warranty.

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