Extralink EX.14831 network switch Unmanaged L2 Fast Ethernet (10/100) Power over Ethernet (PoE) Black

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EUROS V2 is a 6-port PoE switch with 4 modes, AI VLAN mode, AI Extend mode, AI power mode, AI QoS mode. By default, all ports can communicate freely; when AI VLAN mode is on, 1-4 ports are isolated from each other, which can effectively suppress broadcast storms and improve network performance. In AI Extend 1-4 ports can effectively transfer data and power over distances up to 250 meters, which is perfect for monitoring systems and for powering cameras, Access Points. In the AI power mode the switch automatically detects the operating status of the connected device and when it finds that it is working incorrectly, it automatically restarts the device. In AI QoS mode, when the device is crowded, video data is processed preferentially to ensure smooth picture. The device supports the IEEE 802af / at standard, which automatically detects and identifies PoE devices that are compliant with the IEEE 802 af / at standard and provides them with power supply, so there is no need to worry about PoE devices or other devices that do not need PoE power supply.

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